There are 16 footpath trails in Yamato Town, and Kozuki (高月) course is one of them. Kozuki is located in the center of Seiwa district of the town, in a mid-mountainous area at an elevation of 550 to 600 meters. In the former Asahi Village, there was a town hall and a junior high school, and the village flourished as the center of the village. In the Meiji Period (1868-1912), there were 88 Jizo statues enshrined throughout the village as part of the pilgrimage to Shikoku. Due to road development, those Jizo have been moved and are being taken care of by the locals.The course is full of elevation changes as it descends a valley, crosses a creek, views a waterfall basin, and passes through a mountain trail. Walk Kozuki Course and enjoy autumn!🍁

⭐️Starting point (Kozuki shuraku center) You can park your car there.

⭐️Course map of Kozuki footpath

※ Please wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking on uneven and slippery paths.