It has suddenly become cold but still It is a nice season to travel in Aso area. Aso has many good restaurants but it always takes us time to decide where to eat. If you go to Minamiaso, I highly reccomend you Italiasso. Italiasso is an Italian take-out restaurant. They have pasta, sandwiches, pizza, and other dishes that make use of ingredients from Aso. They want to convey the charm of Aso through food. This time, we ordered spaghetti Akaushi beef bolognese, egg sandwiches, rice croquette with Akaushi beef and lemonade. There are tables in front of the restaurant so when it is sunny, you can enjoy the food in front of the restaurant and also you can takeout the food and have a nice picnic at somewhere with a nice view. The chef and his wife are very friendly. Both your stomach and heart will be satisfied.

※ They mainly open on weekend so please check their calender on their instagram or website below before visiting.

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