Aso area is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kumamoto and is known for its great nature, such as the living volcano, vast grassland, springs, etc. People in Aso have lived with them for thousands of years and used those blessings for their daily lives.
In our tour, we will take you to must-go places to “untapped” places with our friendly guides.


We offer some experiences, walking activities and workshops. Include some of them in your itinerary and make your stay more fun with our friendly guide!

Why Untapped Kumamoto Tours?


We will guide you in Aso area which is often difficult to explore only with public transportations. If you join our tour, we will take you to places you should visit efficiently.

2. English-speaking guides

We have friendly English-guides who come from all walks of life. Our guides have own speciality, such as history, culture, hot spring and even night life in Kumamoto city! Ask us about anything. We look forward to seeing you soon!

3. Private Tours only

We only deal with private tours so that you can relax and enjoy Aso at your own pace. Also, it enables us to be flexible for you as much as we can. Contact us and tell what your interests are!


Untapped Kumamoto started as a blog in 2018. Through writing articles, we have come across unknown stories should be told. We would like to share those stories with you.Nowadays, it is not difficult to get information about must-see places, but it is still difficult to reach local stories and experiences. Every place has stories. Hope those information will be helpful for you to know about Kumamoto and we will meet you in the future.If you have questions, feel free to message us from contact us form!



If you are interested in our tours and activities, send us an email and ask the availability and more. If you have questions about Kumamoto, feel free to ask us!