Seiwa Bunraku’s “Spring festival praying for good harvest” was held at Okawa Aso Shrine in Yamato Town yesterday. For the 120th anniversary of Koizumi Yakumo’s death(he is also known as Lafcadio Hearn), his work “Mujina” and “Yuki-onna(snow woman)” were performed.

They usually perform at Seiwa Bunraku Theater, but for the Spring Harvest Festival and the Autumn Harvest Festival, the audience can enjoy outside performances at Okawa Aso Shrine. Originally, Seiwa Bunraku troupe was composed of farmers. As a way of enjoying themselves between jobs, they performed Bunraku on the rural stages of local shrines and were sometimes invited to events so that they have been able to pass on this local culture.

Seiwa Bunraku will have a special collaborative work with ONE PIECE during Golden Week. Visiting and watching their performance is a great support for them.

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