A special program of Seiwa Bunraku(清和文楽), “Chopper, embarking from the winter sakura(超馴鹿船出冬桜)” opens to the public today and tomorrow. The story is based on the popular manga ONE PIECE, and since the manga artist, Eiichiro Oda, is from Kumamoto, this collaboration became a reality. The program, which opened at the Kumamoto Prefectural Theater two years ago, was a great success. I was curious to see how it would be arranged for this performance at the Seiwa Bunraku Theater, and the various innovations made it possible for me to once again experience the excitement. The story depicts people who overcome the destruction and loss of their precious things by sticking together with their friends. It reminds me of the efforts of the people of Kumamoto, who were affected by the two major Kumamoto earthquakes in 2016.

Seiwa Bunraku members have their own day jobs as farmers or dairy farmers. In the midst of all this, they take time out to practice in order to carry on the culture of Kumamoto. All participants were greatly impressed by the excellence of the program and their hard work. They have the right to show this work for the next 5 years. It was a wonderful program that both One Piece fans and non-fans (I haven’t read One Piece, but I am a big fan of Seiwa Bunraku!) enjoyed. Tickets for today and tomorrow are sold out, but you can still see this special program during Golden Week in April and May. The website below is the ticket window of the Seiwa Bunraku, and advance reservations are required.

Seiwa Bunraku is the only dedicated Bunraku theater in Kyushu. We can support this traditional performing art that has been passed down by the local people by visiting and watching it. For more information, please check the article below that explains the charms of Seiwa Bunraku and Yamato Town.

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☆Buy your tickets from this website清和文楽館