“Niji Terrace”, a new event venue has opened right in front of the 3333 stone steps in Misato Town, famous for “Japan’s No.1 stone steps”. The space can be used for a variety of purposes, including exhibition venue, workspace, and a marché venue to help people start something new or take the first step toward their dreams.

The place is produced by a real estate agency called Nijiiro Fudosan(虹色不動産株式会社). The company also produces gift confections called “Niji Gashi(虹菓子)” in collaboration with a sculptor and a Japanese confectionary shop, and other exciting activities that make life fun. More and more fun events will be held here in the future. We can’t take our eyes off Niji Terrace!

⭐️About 3333 stone steps in Misato Town, check the article below!

⭐️Nijiiro Fudousan(虹色不動産), real estate agency

⭐️ Map of Niji Terrace