【🌞Asakatsu(Morning activity)】Climbing Mt.Kishima and visiting Mt. Nakadake crater ~ Limited to April to October~

Aso is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kumamoto, so it often gets crowded during the day. For people who prefer to go less crowded places and also want to take photos with no people, it will be a great choice to visit Aso early in the morning to make your day.
In this tour, we will climb Mt. Kishima (杵島岳) and visit Mt. Nakadake(中岳) crater.

Highlights of this tour

⭐️ Mt. Kishima (杵島岳)

Mt. Kishima is one of the five mountains that consists of “Mt. Aso”. It is 1,321 meters above sea level, but do not worry. You will start climbimg at 1,150 meters. If you are lucky, you may happen to see the sea of clouds. From the summit, you can see great attractions of Aso, such as Mt. Nakadake (an active volcano), Komezuka (small dormant volcano), vast grassland, outer rim of caldera, etc. Our friendly guides will show you all those charms of Aso.

⭐️ Mt. Nakadake(中岳) crater

Mt. Nakadake is also one of the five mountains that consists of Mt. Aso and it is famous as an active volcano. With our friendly guide, you will see why it is special and how people have lived with it.

※ Caution : The activity of the volcano is being monitored 24 hours and they announce the active level of it. If they show an alert level, we have to cancel this tour.

⭐️ Kusasenrigahama (草千里ケ浜)

The scenery that the vast grassland (about 785,000㎡) and two lakes in the middle of the field creates beautiful scenery and it is one of the popular destination for driving. You will see the another beauty at a different angle of the volcano and Mt.Kishima from Kusasenrigahama.



2024 April to October

Time Table

6:45 Pick up at Family Mart Aso Uchinomaki (Uchinomaki onsen area)
7:00 Pick up at JR Aso station
7:30 Arrive at Kusasenri parking and start climbing Mt. Kishima
9:30 Come back to the parking and walk around Kusasenrigahama
10:21 Take a bus to Sanjo Terminal
10:30 Arrive at Sanjo Terminal
10:40 Take a bus to the crater
10:45 Arrive at the crater and explore the area
11:25 Take a bus to Aso City
11:58 Arrive at JR Aso station


※ We can also arrange plans according to your preferences so if you are interested in anything Aso, message us and make your trip to Aso memorable!

🌞About our Asakatsu(朝活) tours

In Japan, we often use the word “Asakatsu “ which literally means morning activities that make your day more productive and fruitful(The early bird catches the worm!). We hope you will join one of our tours and make your stay more enjoyable.


Asakatsu(Morning activity) ~Climbing Mt.Kishima and visiting Mt. Nakadake crater ~


Half day tour


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In this tour, we use both a private taxi and a public bus. Taxi fare and bus fare is included.


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