Uchinomaki in Aso is famous for its natural hot spring(or onsen) and there are many hotels with onsen in the area. It is nice to take a walk and drop by at some shops.

ASO MOFU is a soft-serve icecream(we call it “softcream”) shop in Uchinomaki and it opened this June. What is interesting about their softcream is that they mix sweet potate paste in it. They use “Beni-haruka” sweet potate which has high sugar content. They also offer seasonal parfait, too. The shop is just close to the famous Imakin Shokudo (いまきん食堂) where you can eat Aka-ushi beef dish.

ASO MOFU is a nice comfortable place to have a break after walking the area. I hope you will explore the area and enjoy their softcream!