Mt. Kishima (杵島岳) is one of the five mountains that consists of “Mt. Aso”. It is 1,321 meters above sea level, but do not worry. You will start climbimg at 1,150 meters. It only takes about 90-120 minutes to the top and back. If you are lucky, you may happen to see the sea of clouds.

From the summit of Mt. Kishima, you can see great attractions of Aso, such as Mt. Naka (an active volcano), Komezuka (small dormant volcano), vast grassland, outer rim of caldera, etc.

The interesting about Mt. Kishima is that it is paved and there are almost 900 stone steps to the top. I heard that it was because Aso used to be one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the past. Previously, it was trend to go for honeymoon with formal clothes like suits and dresses(I have seen a honeymoon photo of my parents in those outfit!). They wore formal leather shoes but apparently it was not suitable for climbing… To attract more newlywed couples, Mt. Kishima was paved so that it became easier to climb and enjoy Aso more.

Driving in Aso is very nice but it’ll be more fun to add some light activities like climing Mt. Kishima. Hope you’ll enjoy Aso more!

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