Tsujunkyo Bridge has been designated as a National Treasure of Japan!!!

Tsujunkyo Bridge is the symbol of Yamato Town and is famous for its dynamic water discharge. Some people think that it is for entertaining tourists but originally it is for getting rid of sand and waste in the stone tubes installed on the upper part of the bridge.

About a few years ago, I had a chance to read a novel “Higo no Ishiku (stone masons in Kumamoto)”. Since then I have been into stone bridges, and moreover into their stories. I have visited stone bridges in Kumamoto and imagined the lives of the people that lived there. People risked their lives building a stone bridge, hoping to make their lives better for the future. Tsujunkyo is blood, sweat and tears of people in the past.

I am very glad that those great works have finally been recognized. I have written about Tsujunkyo bridge and stonemasons in Kumamoto in my website before. Hope you will get to know about them and visit some stone bridges sometime in the near future.

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